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Worry No More With Drama-Free Root Canals

Relieve pain, stop infection, and save your tooth with Dr. David McIntyre

From Painful to Painless

Many people describe the worst, most painful things in life being similar to a root canal. You might think that needing a root canal is the worst thing that could ever happen to you but that is simply not the case.

Usually, needing a root canal means you are in a lot of pain. Then you go to the doctor for relief only to be referred to an expensive specialist with repeat paperwork and costly consultation fee—and you are still in pain! As your dentist in Kyle, TX, Dr. McIntyre makes saving your tooth and relieving your pain with root canal therapy as stress-free and painless as possible.

  • What Is a Root Canal?

    You might need a root canal if you have experienced facial trauma or injury, or have extensive decay in a tooth that has reached the inner most layer of your tooth, which contains nerves and blood vessels

    In order to relieve the pain, stop the infection, and save your tooth, this area needs to be “cleaned out,” sterilized, and filled up. Dr. McIntyre is happy to provide his patients with root canal therapy in the convenience of his office. There is no need to be referred to another doctor and leave the comfort of our office.

  • The Procedure

    Before your procedure you will be sufficiently numbed to ensure your comfort throughout your entire appointment. The general steps are as follows:

    • A tiny opening is created at the top of your tooth to access the infected inner chamber of your tooth.
    • A small dental file is used to clean out the infected tissue and to prepare the now-empty area to be filled.
    • X-rays are taken to ensure no infection remains.
    • Special materials are used to fill the inside of your tooth.
    • Sometimes a small post is placed to strengthen your tooth.
    • Often a dental crown is needed to strengthen and protect your tooth.
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