Many people that come to us for treatment are unhappy with the way their mouth looks. The good news is we offer many different treatment options to help you get your smile to look amazing and bright once again. Dr. David McIntyre, a caring and skilled cosmetic dentist, can determine what your mouth needs to make you feel comfortable showing off your teeth. Getting crowns and bridges in Kyle, TX can be a simple and inexpensive way to restore your damaged or missing teeth. Here are the top reasons why patients choose these options.

  1. An Affordable Option

 Unlike some other treatment methods, crowns and bridges can be very affordable. In many cases, these tooth restoration services are covered by insurance. There are also ways to make the cost more manageable over time, with easy monthly payments.

  1. Natural Looking Solution

 Dr. McIntyre and his team offer some of the most natural-looking tooth restoration services available. The crowns and bridges we place are made of materials that are designed to match the natural color of the rest of your remaining teeth. That way, no one will notice your dental work.

  1. Customized Product

Today’s crown and bridge products are also much more customized than some of the older styles of the past. Before a crown or bridge is placed, our team takes several measurements of your mouth and creates a mold of your teeth’s layout. Then, your crown or bridge is created based on your mouth’s specific needs and dimensions. The end result is a perfect, comfortable fit.

  1. A Healthier Choice

It is also much better for your oral health to get missing or damaged teeth restored. Ignoring these problems could lead to an increased amount of bacteria building up in your mouth and gums. This type of bacteria could easily lead to more instances of tooth decay and periodontal disease.

If you are ready to get started on restoring your teeth, call Dr. McIntyre today. Let us help you to restore your brilliant smile.