Happy Holidays With Dental Crowns & Dental Bridges - Kyle, TXIf you are missing one or more teeth, you may be dreading the upcoming holiday season. Not only does this time of year mean family photos, but big holiday dinners as well. Get the confidence to enjoy time with your family this December by restoring your smile. One of the best options you have to replace a missing tooth is dental crowns & bridges in Kyle, TX. If you are considering having this procedure done before the holidays arrive, you could not choose a more qualified and capable cosmetic dentistry professional than Dr. McIntyre. Learn more about how we can help you achieve the smile you have been dreaming of.

How Dental Bridges Work
Dental Bridge - Kyle, TX
Dental bridges essentially utilize the teeth on either side of your missing tooth to fill the gap. You are probably already familiar with the process of putting a crown on a tooth. The tooth is worn down so a ceramic tooth can be fitted on top, protecting and strengthening your natural tooth. A dental bridge is a more advanced version of this same procedure. The teeth on either side of your missing tooth is worn down and prepared for crowns. Then, a special crown called a bridge is put in. This bridge is two crowns connected with a synthetic tooth which will fit in the gap between the natural teeth. The results speak for themselves. You can treat bridges just like your natural teeth, including eating, sleeping, and cleaning them. You do not need to live with a missing tooth. In fact, doing so may actually cause further damage, so visit dentist, Dr. McIntyre in Kyle, TX to learn more about whether dental bridges are right for your dental health.

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